Everyone knows how to make a goal. Most people know how to accomplish goals. Very few people actually accomplish their goals.
If the process of setting up goals and even managing them are so easy why do most of us only start our goals but never reach them.
The key to all goal accomplishment is accountability. Some of us simply need an accountability to ourselves. Others need accountability to some one else. If you are someone who can keep yourself on track you need to have a plan.

One of the best way to hold ourselves accountable is to use outlook or google calendar. Any calendar system you use daily will work. Go to the date you wish to accomplish the goal by. Write on that day, I reached my goal of X!!!! Then take a look at what needs to be done. If you have 12 weeks, break your goal done into 12 tasks that when added together will meet your goal.

Now you have weekly goals. This should be something you can accomplish completely this week. Now is the time you can break down your goal a bit farther. What 5 (or how ever many days a week you feel you have time to work on this goal) tasks need to get done to meet the weekly goal.
This is where the accountability comes in. List a task that must be done today. In your calendar, book in the specific time that you will be working on it. This is important. You need to know exactly when today you will be working towards your goal.

Once that time approaches be ready to start working. Your goal needs to be taken seriously and worked like any other obligation in your life. Then tick off that task, and look forward to tomorrows task.
Give it a try! Next month we will out line the keys needed to go back to college. Feel free to comment and request a goal you want to see worked through!

Donna Schiehsl is a Directional Goal Coach with Forward. Forward works to move Cancer Survivors Forward in their lives.