Once you sign up, we work with you to decide on one life goal, and one fitness goal that can be most likely accomplished within one year. Then we break those goals up into smaller more attainable tasks that will eventually lead to accomplishing your goal. We will set you up with an app that you will check in daily. The coach will also check in on your app daily to assure things are progressing. Most people know what to do, but need the accountability to achieve those goals.
Initially yes. The daily check in is important for you to establish a routine of working your goals. Once you are working through your goals comfortably we can cut back to a check in system that meets your needs.
The actual check in time should only take a few minutes. You will review what needs to be done, and check off the things you have accomplished. The work related to your goal will depend on the goal and how fast you want to achieve it. (if you wanted to lose 100 lbs in a year, it would take a higher daily time commitment than if you only wanted to lose 20lbs) The coaches will also check in daily, to encourage you to stick with it.
The Forward program is totally on line. You simply need to check your phone or computer and look at the app. This is not a group class. This is a program that you and the coach set up specifically for you.
The reason there are two is in order to achieve most personal goals you need to be healthy. Your goal does not have to be a life changing goal. It can simply be a step in the right direction. As we will teach you, all large goals are accomplished by adding up small goals. Your goal may be as minor as cutting sugar or red meat out on weekdays. This will not produce life changing events, but it will make you healthier. Of course the more you put into your goals, the more you will get out.
One of the unique components of Forward is our ability to help you fund raise for this payment. Most friends and family realize the hardship having cancer has caused. They are often willing to help fund a program that will get your life back on track. The Forward team will give you ideas on fund raising. We will also help you set up a go fund me page. We will also work with you to comprise an email to reach people you know. Each person giving a little bit, can add up to your goal.


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