Brad Warren
Brad Warren Founder
Brad Warren is a two time stage 4 Cancer Survivor. His cancer was part of what made him who he is, but he is not defined by his diagnosis. Brad has always worked out and played sports. He loves golf and competes often in county and state golf tournaments. He also bikes and participates in 5K races. He completed (one of his goals after chemo) in a 100 mile bike race and a half marathon. When he was dealing with the chemo he realized how important it was that he was physically healthy. He became a Certified Personal Trainer so he could teach other cancer survivors how to be as healthy as they could be.
Danielle Warren
Danielle WarrenFounder
Danielle Warren has over 15 years of Event Planning and restaurant management experience. She attended college for restaurant management but gained most of her education on the job. She went on later to work in the corporate world of The Cheesecake Factory, and then on to a 4 star privately owned hotel. In her career she has organized many events and fundraisers. She understands the details behind event planning, and can give you ideas and direction to plan your event.
Donna Schiehsl
Donna SchiehslFounder
Donna Schiehsl has been a Registered Nurse for over 25 years. She has spent most of her career as a Director of Operations or Department Head manager. Though a patient was not a project, making sure a nursing department was run properly was. She learned very quickly the best way to achieve a goal was to break it into smaller manageable projects and work through them. She in turn, taught her staff how to do this. She formally went through training as a Certified Life Coach after Brad beat cancer the first time.