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Forward is a company that works with cancer survivors. We don’t focus on the fact that they are a survivor. We look at the person who wants to get back on track and be defined as more than a cancer survivor.

We will walk you step by step to your goal.  Our goal is to take the next 12 weeks and get you back on track.  Our program is all web based, so it is easy to move forward.

Through the process of beating cancer each person is affected in different ways. None are the same as before their diagnosis. Some may wish to finish school, others wish to strengthen their occupation, others may wish to completely change direction and start a new path.


What makes Forward unique is the ability to assist the person to raise funds to pay for the services. Though the family, friends or support network would be doing the actual fundraising, Forward will be able to guide the person through the process, like a guidance counselor assisting with a college application. Forward will show the client or the family the fundraising options. Will review their plan and make suggestions.

The team though working with the client on different aspects of the goals, works as one toward the goal.

We work to set up an annual goal. Once the annual goal is clearly defined, we break it into quarterly goals. Then we walk you through step by set to work the quarterly goal. Our goal is to teach you how to meet goals. Most of this is done via internet, but some clients may need or want telephone follow up.
Being Web based makes it much easier for our clients to work with us when it fits their schedule. Schedule is an important consideration for anyone in today’s world, but it is an especially important factor given the needs and time constraints of our clients.
The person will be working on two different goals simultaneously. One goal will be working towards a career or life change; the other goal will relate to a physical strengthening. The physical strengthening is a very necessary component. Without the physical health it will difficult to accomplish the life change goal. The process for both will be identical. The person will be expected to check into the program daily. The Life Coach and the Physical coach will also check in daily to assure the person is staying on track. In the event that the person is finding the process too slow or too fast, the Forward team will readjust the timing. The outline will remain the same though.

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You have won a battle most people can’t even begin to understand. You are ready to move forward. You and the Team at Forward can get you to your next goal.

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One of the founders, is a two time cancer survivor. Brad was diagnosed at age 27 and then again at age 30. Brad knows the battle.

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