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FORWARD was founded in 2014, with its roots beginning back in 2010, when one of the founders, Brad Warren was diagnosed with cancer at age 27. Brad is now a two time cancer survivor.

After a successful fight with Cancer, Brad found it difficult to get himself back on track. His focus had changed. His life priorities had changed. But, he wasn’t sure what he wanted. Brad knew he no longer could simply do a job for a paycheck. He knew being a cancer survivor had to have more meaning. Unable to find his direction, he kept grasping at things that he thought would give him the fulfilled life that he wanted.

Brad’s mother, Donna Schiehsl, a Registered Nurse, had worked in the healthcare industry for over 25 years, but she was at a loss as to how to direct him. She looked to cancer support groups, but only found groups that helped while he fought cancer. The battle had been won, but Brad still needed help. Donna studied to become a Life Coach. She obtained her Life Coach Certification in order to help Brad and others.

Shortly after that goal was obtained, Brad was diagnosed with Cancer again. He is now a two time cancer survivor. Brad realized how hard his journey had been, but also knew how his intense physical condition helped him in his battle. Brad went on to get his Personal Trainer Certification. They knew that in order for a cancer survivor to truly move forward in life they needed goals, and direction, and to be physically fit enough to accomplish those goals. FORWARD was started.

Brad’s sister, Danielle Warren, who was also bedside throughout both battles knew how costly the fight was. Having had a ten year career in restaurant management and event planning, Danielle knew what would need to be done to help families raise the money to provide for the coaching and personal training. Having organized many events she knew she had the background to be able to coach the survivor or the friends and family of the survivor, to raise the funds needed. So with all the components in place. FORWARD was founded.

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You have won a battle most people can’t even begin to understand. You are ready to move forward. You and the Team at Forward can get you to your next goal.

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One of the founders, is a two time cancer survivor. Brad was diagnosed at age 27 and then again at age 30. Brad knows the battle.

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Do you want to give support to a person who needs help to meet their next goal?

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